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Bringing nature closer to you.

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Amory Skin Care

Hand made soap for your delicate skin care needs.


Amory Deep Whitening Soap

Amory Deep Whitening soap is a unique combination of ingredients in vitamins beneficial for the skin, UV filters and special oils that help produce the skin's natural oil barrier which will make your skin younger looking with super whitening effect.


Amory Charcoal with Sunflower Oil

An excellent exfoliator for the skin which safely peels the top layer mildly to reveal a more even skin tone. Mild skin peel effects also reduces fine lines and corrects uneven dark spots on the skin, while sunflower oil improves tone and smoothens skin texture.

Amory Beverages

Enjoy these beverages with healthy benefits. Made from high quality natural ingredients. 


Amory Coffee

Instant Coffee mix with
Agaricus Blazei -
known as "God's mushroom" evryone enjoys the wonderful health benefits of the Agaricus from boosting the immune system against cold, flu and cough, preventing growth and spreading of all kinds of cancers.

Transresveratrol -
is a naturally occuring antioxidant that is primarily found in grapes and in red wines.
Soluble Fiber


Amory Juice

Coming soon.

Amory Fragrances

High concentrated Eau de Toilet Collection